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A decade ago, when I first started working downtown, The Arizona Center was a pretty bustling place to grab a bite -- there was a food court and a handful of busy sit-down restaurants -- but it's since had its ups and downs.

Is it on an upswing again? I'd like to think so, thanks to the opening of a new pizzeria called Brick that just opened up there over the weekend.

From what I can tell, Brick is aiming for a young professional crowd that's hungry for a lot more than pizza.

Along with brick oven pizzas topped with such gourmet ingredients as short rib with sweet potato and banana pepper; pork belly and smoked salmon with egg and creme fraiche; and white pizza with bacon and garlic feta sauce, there are also small plates (pesto-stuffed artichokes; elote), salads, burgers, focaccia sandwiches, five different grilled cheese sandwiches (one's filled with pork belly and fried green tomatoes), hand-cut pasta, and entrees like agave-glazed salmon. For dessert, there's pumpkin creme brulee, peach cobbler, and more.

Along with the food, there's a loungey atmosphere, and extensive wine list, and music spun by DJ William Reed on Wednesday nights.

Brick is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday throught Thursday, and 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday.

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455 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, AZ

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This place is a home run. They have great cocktails and a very nice selection of beers. Not a huge variety but they have some good ones. I think it is different from other wine bars/pizzerias as far as the beer is concerned.The menu is innovative and the pizza is insanely good. I spoke to the hostess and apparently her father is the guy in charge of just making pizzas. He moved from Chicago a year ago. Need I say more?...


I happened upon the place over the weekend and had a couple of small plates...what I had was quite good. I'll have to go back and check it out for a full meal sometime. Cool atmosphere, too. Nice change from the pretty bland fare that Arizona Center has had to offer over the past few years.

Andrew Kno
Andrew Kno

Hey ollllo, i had the opportunity glance over the menu on the holiday, and i'm happy to report the inclusion of a good list of beers, including locally brewed, at relatively low prices. Looks like my go-to pre-movie drinking spot (District Kitchen at the Sheraton) has some competition!


aiiiiiigh! Yet another pizza place with "an extensive wine list and muddled drinks" and no mention of beer!


Thanks Andrew,I won't write them off, I was already thinking about the beer pairing possibilities.

The lack of beer mention is, unfortunately, a huge problem in Phoenix. I'm no marketing person, but you'd think that complete beverage information might be important.

I hate to sound like I have one note in my orchestra with the beer thing, but 9 times out of 10 beer gets ignored or looked down upon.

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