New Pastrami Grilled Sandwich at Jack in the Box: A Peppered-Meat Pleaser

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This week, Jack in the Box released a new sandwich to join a stable of grilled grinders that includes the Deli Trio, Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar, and breakfast sandwiches.

The Pastrami Grilled Sandwich features hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickles, and deli mustard between two slices of grilled artisan bread. Different, for sure. But different ain't always a good thing in fast-food land (Burger King Ribs!) So does Jack's newest grinder make the grade?

Yup. It's tasty, folks.

The seasoned pastrami was solid, not dry or chewy -- and the grilled bread held everything together nicely. The pinnacle? The pickles. Sliced thin, they were sweet, crunchy complements to the peppery pastrami and deli mustard. While I wanted more taste from the cheese it wasn't a deal-breaker, and while most of us could probably do without the dose of 2,039 milligram of salt, there are worse things in this world (Burger King Ribs!)

If this deli meat is one of your favorites and you've got around four bucks in your wallet, head over to see Jack about his new pastrami grilled sandwich. You'll be pleased as peppered meat you did.

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not worth it, piece of shit taste more like a pickle and just the sandwich is 5 bucks


That looks pretty good. I'd kill a man for a Jack in the Box.

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