El Pollo Correteado Kicks KFC Culo

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On your way to the Colonel's for a bucket of greasy cluck?

Turn. That. Damn. Car. Around.

Get to El Pollo Correteado. Why? 'Cause their mesquite grilled chicken (the only item you can order, save for sides) is crazy-delicious. Its crispy, well-seasoned skin and tender meat kicks KFC's ass all the way back to the coop. Plus, every order of cluck comes with an array of sides, including fresh tortillas, salsa, onions, lemons, and smoked jalapeños -- perfect for a chicken taco fiesta of freshness.

Crazy-good chicken? Yes, please.
​The prices at El Pollo? Cheap, cheap, cheap. A four-piece meal will run you six bucks; a whole friggin' chicken will set you back about $13, or you can spend $20 for 20t pieces of tender, mesquite-grilled goodness during El Pollo's current, duck-your-head-under-the-gigantic-banner special. Plus, they got Mexican Coke. "Hello, cane sugar? It's me, Fry Girl."

Looking for an English-speaking person? Forget it. Not gonna happen. Do not wuss out. The friendly counter gal gets it. Order up in a bright orange interior with a floor clean enough to eat frijoles off of, Mexican TV, and a viewing window where el pollo turns slowly over a charcoal grill.

Colonel? You don't need no stinking Colonel. You need El Pollo Correteado -- ahora.

El Pollo Correteado
1602 East Jefferson Street

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Don't forget your cash. The one on Jefferson doesn't take cards.


does anyone know the marinade El Pollo Correteado used for their chicken?


its on 28 ave and mc dowell its really good

Miguel Noriega
Miguel Noriega

donde esta eese pinche pollo para corretearlo. Hay tengo mucha ambre.


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