Cold Oats Never Tasted So Good

Illustration by Cyndi Coon

This recipe is a throw-it-all-in-there breakfast inspired by Jamie Oliver's Pukkolla. It isn't even a recipe, really, but more of a handful of this and a handful of that sort of thing that will make your tummy happy.

What do you do when you take a peek in your cupboard and realize you are down to less then a cup of your favorite cereal, just a handful of mixed dried fruit and your refrigerator reveals a shriveled apple? Rejoice, because you have the makings of a tasty breakfast treat.

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Here is how you do it. At night before you head off to bed you'll want to mix everything together so it is smooth and creamy in the morning. Start with a medium-sized Tupperware bowl and just throw everything in together.

1. Grab a large handful of rolled oats - throw in the bowl
2. Grab a large handful of barn cereal or whatever kind of healthy cereal you have - throw in the bowl (NOTE: this may not work out so well with Fruity Pebbles)
3. Grab a large handful of whatever dried fruit you have - throw in the bowl
4. Grab a large handful of whatever type of nuts you have, wrap them in a towel and smash then with a rolling pin and then throw in the bowl
5. Add in one tablespoon of brown sugar
6. Mix together

Photo: Cyndi Coon

You can leave all of the above in a plastic container for months and just pull out a small amount at a time.

7. Once you are ready to prep for eating, grab an apple (any kind) and grate it into the dry mixture
8. Mix

Photo: Cyndi Coon

9. Cover all completely with milk and refrigerate over night.
Photo: Cyndi Coon

10. Next morning - peel back the lid and enjoy a smooth, creamy breakfast that you can eat cold or heat up in the microwave if you prefer. This will make about four portions depending on the person eating.

Other tips: If you enjoy toasted coconut or seeds consider throwing those in, too.

Photo: Cyndi Coon

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