Where Am I Eating?

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Photo by Claire Lawton

While it was definitely a cookies 'n' milk kind of afternoon, we couldn't sacrifice the opportunity for some much needed caffeine (plus these guys tends to make some pretty killer java).

There are a bunch of places that use these feel-better-about-wasting-plastic recyclable cups, the real satisfaction is in one of these peanut butter cookies.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

Last week's Wild Mushroom, Spinach and Leek Tart was from the kitchen of Arcadia Farms at the Phoenix Art Museum, which was guessed by Matt D. Congrats! You get a gift card to Ranch House Grille.

This week's winner will also receive a $10 gift card to Ranch House Grille. Be sure to check back next Friday for this week's answer and another mystery location.

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Claire Lawton
Claire Lawton

Sorry for the delay! It's definitely Lola. Congrats Angela! Click on my name and shoot me an email with your address -- I'll put the gift card in the mail asap. Thanks!

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