Mobile Food Court Coming to Phoenix Public Market

Torched Goodness
Local food trucks like Torched Goodness are rolling into downtown.
Phoenix isn't exactly on a roll -- yet. But a mobile street food revolution is slowly taking shape here.

Stringent laws in Valley cities have made it hard for food cart culture to flourish locally, but a new group that calls itself the Phoenix Street Food Coalition is working to change that. Yesterday, the group announced its involvement with a new weekly event coming to the Phoenix Public Market, a Mobile Food Court that will open for lunch every Friday starting October 1.

Elsewhere, there's plenty of inspiration. There's a huge cluster of food carts in downtown Portland, offering everything from meatball subs to sopapillas to Thai noodles. And in Los Angeles, locals follow their favorite vendors on Twitter to see which neighborhood they're parked in at the moment. The phenomenon even has its own Food Network series, The Great Food Truck Race.

Once the Mobile Food Court starts up, you'll be able to sample an excellent crepe from Truckin' Good Food, bite into a gourmet hot dog from Short Leash Dogs, indulge in some creme brulee from Torched Goodness, and snack on homemade treats from other coalition members, including La Vida Locavore, Puro Sabor, FruFru Pops, Udder Delights, What's Your Grind, and MF Tasty.

The Mobile Food Court will be open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday at 14 E. Pierce St.

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Hey, I live in Gilbert.....where are there food trucks in the Phoenix area? What are these "stringent" laws and why? Are they close to being changed?

The food trucks in cities like Portland, OR, Austin, TX, etc. are fantastic. With our excellent weather and large population, I think food carts/trucks would be a positive thing for our county. I agree with Chiprroux and I'd like to hear more about this. Ana, or anyone, who can be contacted about this? I love lunch off a Nam Nam truck!


If Phoenix is going to keep up with other cities, we all need to rally around the 'food truck issue'! Besides the Portland and LA carts, Austin also has an amaing cart culture. I have sampled the food in all 3 cities and I can say, for the most part, the food is really fantastic! The carts are manned by the owners who have a true passion for what they do. And the creative nature of what is being served is trumped daily by the next guy. It is fast, cheap and fun for the consumer and something we need badly in our great city and surrounding burbs. It is like getting a high quality $10 -12 lunch for $5 -6! No tipping, and on the fly. So, rally round folks, lets get the silly regulations changed and enjoy some cool new food...

Yuri Artibise
Yuri Artibise

Hope this catches on! We desperately need to develop a street food culture in the city.


i think there is quite a bit of street food in phoenix, and very good. the best mexican food in phoenix i've tried, i find it in street trucks .

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