Frozen Yogurt in Phoenix: Hot Spots to get a Cool Treat


​Speaking of frozen yogurt, people apparently love this stuff. There are currently more than thirty places to pick up the cultured treat spread throughout the valley, and it seems another one pops up every week, filled with patrons clamoring like junkies to get a hit of froyo, as it's known on the street.

Who can resist? It's like ice cream without the remorse; guilt-free indulgence. And the variety! Most froyo lounges boast selections of more than ten yogurt flavors and 30 toppings. My math may be off, but that allows you at least four billion flavor combinations.
Now, as we learned earlier today, not all froyo is created equal. Here are some of the Valley's newest and best places to get your fill of ice-cold, flavored active bacterial cultures.

Have a favorite -- mentioned here or not? Leave it in the comments section!


Yumberri Yogurt (20250 N. 59th Ave., 623-566-9866)
Yumberri is one of the more environmentally-conscious frozen yogurt shops you're likely to find. The store uses serving cups and spoons that are biodegradable and made from stuff like recycled paper, corn and potato skins, and donates cash in support of eco-friendly charities. Yumberri also holds a monthly "change the world" contest, in which kids ages 2-18 email a letter telling how they're environmentally friendly, with the winner receiving a professional photo shoot, a $25 gift card and a poster declaring his or her victory posted in the store. Oh yeah, there's also yogurt: A variety of 15 flavors, many of which are non-fat or dairy-free, along with 30 toppings.

zen zen.jpg

Zen Zen Yogurt (4340 E. Indian School Rd., 602-795-6711)
A self-described "self serve frozen yogurt and shaved ice fusion shop," this family-owned and operated froyo stand opened in April.Hungry customers can peruse decadent choices like red velvet cake, peanut butter and sugar-free chocolate to more tart flavors like green tea and pomegranate. At least one flavor is made dairy-free and many are gluten free as well. Toppings range from fresh fruit to cereal to boba. And did we mention they have a shaved ice machine? We've been told it's excellent mixed right in there with the yogurt; you'll have to find out for yourself.


Orange Leaf Yogurt (11144 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd,, 480-551-7238) 
A look at Orange Leaf's froyo menu will likely get your flavor senses tingling: Original Plain Tart, Mountain Ripe Strawberry, New York Cheese Cake, Pomegranate Blueberry, Death by Chocolate, Strawberry Banana, Pistachio Almond, Cherry Blossom, Peanut Butter, Kona Coffee, Green Apple, Oreo Cookie, Green Tea, Snickers, Red Lime, Mango, Peach, Taro. The place also offers more than 40 toppings, including some of the more interesting you're bound to find -- cocoa pebbles, dried grapes and sunflower seeds, to name a few. Orange Leaf currently has locations in Gilbert and Scottsdale, with a spot in Chandler coming soon.

Yogurtini (725 S. Rural Road, 480-264-6805)
According to their web site, Yogurtini was thusly named because "at Yogurtini you can mix your favorite flavors at our yogurt bar, just like a fine martini." While we're not sure we exactly follow that logic, Yogurtini is the undisputed king of topping selection, with more than 65. Espresso bean and Sriracha hot sauce, anyone? The froyo shop currently has locations in Phoenix and Tempe -- with four more set to open in Arizona in the future -- serving a rotating list of 10-16 flavors like Chelsea's cheesecake, acai tart and Yogurtini's signature blueberry tart. If you're one of those cruel people who likes to dress up animals, bring your dog along to your next visit -- Yogurtini also carries apparel for your pooch.

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Yogurtini has the best tasting yogurt and the freshest fruit toppings in my opinion. Plus, they have so many topping selections that always look fresh and clean.


Yogurtini is delicious. The Blueberry Tart is better than any other yogurt I have had.

Jk Grence
Jk Grence

Only 30?

My favorite goes to Red Mango up at the Scottsdale 101 strip mall, across a parking lot from the Chick-Fil-A. Only four flavors, the toppings are more limited than at the self-serve joints that dot the town, and they're a little pricey, but their Original Tart is so much better than anyone else's in town.

And oh, what I wouldn't give to have Pinkberry invade town... seriously, why aren't they here yet?


Yogurtini opening in Scottsdale!

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