Foodies Like Us Serves Up a Whole-Roasted Pig at Sassi

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Jonathan McNamara
One of two whole-roasted pigs served at Sassi last night.
Some things are undeniably good. Our piggy friend in the picture above? He's one of them. The smell coming off this guy seeped straight through the walls and out into the air surrounding restaurant Sassi as we approached the front doors for the latest Foodies Like Us event last night.

Foodies Like Us is a Scottsdale-based business bent on making sure you have a great time and leave with a full stomach after attending one of their many food-centered events. Last night's Sassi supper featuring not one, but two whole-roasted, porchetta-style roasted pigs is the latest in Foodies Like Us' "Italian Supper Sophisticates" series.

Without further adieu, here's what we thoroughly enjoyed stuffing down our gobs last night.

Jonathan McNamara
Ensalada made of carrots, fennel, cucumbers, tomatoes, zuchini, and summer squash tossed in an aged, red wine vinegrette and topped with Black Mesa goat cheese.

Jonathan McNamara
Cavatelli pasta with broccoli rabe, lemon, garlic, parma butter, and anointed with extra virgin olive oil.

Jonathan McNamara
A slice of de-boned, whole roasted pig from Tenderbelly Farms. Two pigs were prepared. The first was stuffed with figs, charred onions, ground sausage, and roasted tomatoes. The other pig was stuffed with broccoli rabe, fennel, and ground sausage as well.

Jonathan McNamara
Cherry and pistachio gelato with a semolina biscotti.

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10455 E. Pinnacle Peak Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ

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