Chef Wade Moises Heads to Adobe at the Biltmore

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Chef Wade Moises hinted that he had something else in the works when he left PastaBar last month to continue lending a hand at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.

Turns out, that "something" is revamping the operations at the Adobe Restaurant at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club.

Moises just came on board as a consultant. Within two weeks, expect to see menu changes.

"I'm just going to bring the whole place up a notch," he explains.

"The food's gonna be simple breakfast and lunch fare, but I'm going to modernize it. It'll still be my-style food," Moises adds. Expect "gastropubby" takes on classics.

Known for working with top-notch local purveyors, Moises plans to bring his resources along with him as well.

"It's a fun property, and I'd like to have it be more than a golf destination," he says.

And what's up down at the market? Moises is still keeping an eye on things, for now, but says they're hoping to find a chef to replace him.

Location Info

Adobe Restaurant at the Biltmore

2400 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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