Bliss and ReBar Host Grand Opening

photos by Jessica VanZalen

In with the new -- Downtown hot spots Fate/Nine05 shut down in March leaving plenty of room for what's now Bliss and ReBar.

(No word on whatever happened with Nine05's chef-owner Matt Carter and his plans for other projects on the corner of Fourth Street and Garfield. They included a gastropub called Canteen and a taqueria called El Rey ... We do hear CityScape is always looking for tenants ...)

The restaurant and separate bar combo are hosting the space's grand opening today.

At the preview party on Thursday, Bliss, a "new American" restaurant, brought out bite-sized samples of coconut-breaded chicken tenders and fried-sausage ravioli.

More pictures and space details after the jump ...

photo by Jessica VanZalen

The refurbished interior of ReBar has a retro/modern feel with exposed brick walls and muted gray, orange and green accent colors.

photo by Jessica VanZalen
While the lunch and dinner menu weren't released, the drink menu was sprinkled with specialty cocktails, martinis and "naked" drinks for the calorie-conscious.

Fate's giant Buddha and the outdoor "fountain" bar still remain (we're not sure if that's good or bad feng-shui). The overall atmosphere is a clash of the old and new, but like many other downtown what's-old-is-new-again hangouts, it just might be trendy enough to keep it around for a while.

Bliss/ReBar are located at 901 N. 4th St. in Phoenix.

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901 N. 4th St., Phoenix, AZ

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Nine 05 was better. Downtown Phoenix doesn't have the palettes to support top tear food

Kevin Dasso
Kevin Dasso

Bliss and ReBar is my new favorite place. Great food, great staff, and great drinks! The atmosphere was fantastic. I will be recommending this place to friends and visitors.

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