Zach Fowle Attempts Tonight's Man v. Food Challenge at Chompie's

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Evie Carpenter
Zach Fowle and his nemesis: Chompies' Slider Challenge.
​Tonight, Travel Channel celebrity Adam Richman will perform feats of gastronomic fortitude direct from Tempe in a new episode of Man v. Food. His ultimate hunger quest for this episode: the slider challenge at Chompie's. Featuring twelve not-so-mini sandwiches plus onion rings, this challenge is enough to make the strongest eaters do a double take.

But feasts of fury such as this are the stuff that get our own Zach Fowle's stomach growling for victory. In anticipation of tonight's episode of Man v. Food, Zach bravely walked into Chompie's to take a bite out of the slider challenge. See the results of Zach's attempt in a Fox 10 video after the jump.

For the full blow-by-blow of Zach's attempt at the slider challenge, come back on Friday and read "Feasts of Fury."

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Chompie's Deli Restaurant, Bagels, Bakery & Catering

9301 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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