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The Spot: The Vig Uptown

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6015 N. 16th Street

The Hours: Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 3 till 6 p.m. if you can't make happy hour they also have great specials on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Deal: Half price appetizers, $5 small pitchers of all draft beer and $3 well drinks.

The Interior: Following the new Phoenix trend of re-purposing buildings, The Vig Uptown make its home in what was at one time at bank. Comparable to the Parlor and Postino, the space has accents of reclaimed wood, the grey concrete block construction is exposed, and the room is light and bright during the daytime and warmly lit during night time hours.

Parallel to the original Vig, there is bar seating right when you walk in and several booths just across from it. There is a smattering of freestanding tables as you make your way out to the "patio," which is an enclosed space with high ceilings, ample windows and a bocce ball court.

The Cost: 2 small pitchers of Kiltlifter, an order of mini burgers called "The Trifecta" and an order of the Crab and Artichoke Dip came to $19.50(not including tax and tip), pretty cheap for two people to leave full and happy.

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The Conclusion:If you've read our review of The Vig in Arcadia, then you have a good idea of  what to expect heading to it's Northern sister bar. Good atmosphere in a retro modern building with an awesome patio, booze filled glasses, gratifying comfort food with a good amount of eye candy.

The Vig Uptown makes a good attempt at following in its sisters shoes.The renovations on this building are impressive. Despite the fact that all the "hip" places are starting to resemble each other, this one takes the cake. After walking through the big glass door we were immediately awestruck with our surroundings and took a good 10 minutes walking around absorbing it all in. The one thing that through us off guard was the "patio". You're still inside. They try and trick you with high ceilings, big open windows and Astroturf, but it still can't beat actually being outside on a cool summer night. On the flip side, it will probably be fantastic on a hot summer night.

The menu almost mirrors that of its older sibling. Savory, thick and cheesy crab and artichoke dip was served with their light and crispy tortilla chips and seasoned, toasted pita bread that had hints of saffron -- sorry guys, we really wanted to like it but it was strange. The Trifecta was made up of three sliders served with your choice of sweet potato or shoestring fries and a side of spicy mustard. After experiencing the VigAzz Burger, these left something to be desired, but hey it's happy hour and we're on a budget. When you go, stick with the main staples like chips and guac, nachos, or the Hot Vings.

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Aside from the food being less then spectacular, the service was outstanding. We ended up sitting at the bar and the bartender was very attentive, pleasant and knowledgeable. Beer suggestions were made and pint glasses were kept full. He was also very eager to give us the run down on all of the renovations and the work that went into making the 1960's Haver building what it is today.

Go check out The Uptown Vig. They don't really try to stand out on their own, but if you want a familiar place with free valet parking, friendly service, good beer and atmosphere that can't be beat then you won't be disappointed.

Overall Grade: B

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The Vig Uptown

6015 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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