The 10 Best Beers for Breakfast

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Beer. It's what's for breakfast.

We know what some of you are thinking. Beer for breakfast, Who does that? But the true advocate of craft beer knows there is nothing quite like waking up on a Sunday morning, making scrambled eggs and bacon and cracking open 22 ounces of your favorite brew.

Whether you call it an eye-opener, hair-of-the-dog or a drinking problem, check out our list of beers to grab the night before to compliment your biscuits and gravy in the morning.

1. Founder's Brewing Co. KSB (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) 11.20% ABV
If you can get your hands on a bottle of this, consider yourself lucky. This beer actually has breakfast in the name but don't let that fool you. Founder's took an imperial stout and loaded it up with coffee, chocolate and vanilla and then hid it away in bourbon barrels, resulting in an easy to drink black beer with a coffee kick.

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2. Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar  6.20% ABV
If you crave something sweet for breakfast, give this one a try -- a strong brown ale that isn't joking around when it comes to flavor. A strong hazelnut with just a dash of hops makes this beer a perfect match for pancakes.

3. Bells Expedition Stout 10.50ABV
This Russian Imperial Stout is a high alcohol beer that doesn't try to hide it. As thick and black as tar, with a dark roast coffee flavor, only the truly daring would try and get more then one of these down before noon. Definitely a beer for sipping.

4. Lost Coast Brewery Tangerine Wheat 5.00% ABV 
For those of you who want a light and cheerful beer, Lost Coast's Tangerine is your best bet --- but you better like tangerine. This candy-scented wheat beer is crisp, clean and refreshing. Try mixing it with orange juice for a beer mimosa.
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5. Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 7.50% ABV
In the tradition of good breakfast beers, Mikkeller put together this easy drinking coffee stout. Unlike the KSB, Beer Geek Breakfast has a bit of an earthy flavor -- notably more hops and less of a coffee taste, but still enough flavor to replace your morning cup of joe.

6. Kona Brewing Pipeline Porter  5.3% ABV
This is a great morning-time beer for a hot summer day. It still retains all the flavor of a coffee beer, but this porter is much lighter then its imperial stout cousins. Made with freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee.

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7. Dogfish Head Black & Blue 10% ABV
If any beer should come with a warning, it's this one. Bursting with the taste of fresh blueberries but without the artificial taste of most fruit beers, this beer is so easy to drink you don't realize its high alcohol content until it's too late. We recommend you pair it with a plate of French toast with powered sugar on top.

8. Left Hand Brewery Juju Ginger Ale 4% ABV
Ginger beer isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan, this is one of the best out there. Lighter in ginger taste then most true ginger ales, this is a great beer for mornings when you actually have to be somewhere and cannot commit to a 12% beer.

9. Michelada or "Red Beer"
The Michelada is your best bet when you are in desperate need of a little hair-of-the-dog. Think of it as the Bloody Mary of the beer world. Start with a salt rimmed chilled pint glass, add your favorite Mexican beer and top it off with a healthy dose of Bloody Mary mix or tomato juice. All the benefits of a Bloody Mary without the vodka. Yum!

10. Bacon Beer
OK, we'll be honest: This is a fantasy beer. We have heard tales of such a beer existing but of course it was at a brewery in Washington. We have also heard that a German beer called Rauchbier has a smoked taste to it that somewhat resembles bacon. One day we hope to taste the perfect bacon beer but until we learn to brew our own we'll just keep dreaming.
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Lefty's Brewing Company of Greenfield, MA has a Breakfast Stout with BACON in it. It also has local maple syrup, chocolate, coffee, and oatmeal. A true Breakfast Stout! , @leftys_brewing 


And no reference to the Replacements song...that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this article. I guess that means I'm getting old and/or irrelevant.

Mike Lever
Mike Lever

I dont want to depress anyone, but Rauschbier is the nastiest stuff I have ever drunk. I ordered a half of it at a beer festival in Bradford about 20 years ago, one of the few times it has been available on draught in England, and regretted it almost instantly. It tasted like a pint of kippers and as it my belly, my belly rebelled. I only just made the toilet before throwing away all the other delicious beer I had sunk that day, as well as the curry we had had prior to the beer festival.Nasty does not even begin to describe this beer!

Connor B
Connor B

Rauchbier is good! it comes from a city in Bavaria called Bamberg, I lived right next to a beer garden that specialized in it and had one or five every morning with my eggs. tastes more like ham tho.


Well, Rauchbier may not be for everyone, especially those with a developing palate. However, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier is truly "bacon in a bottle". Same for Mikkeller's Rauchbier, a bit earthier and "in the raw", though. These brews certainly have their niche, and are enjoyed by enthusiasts the world over.  Like smoked peat, wet tobaccos and a pile of campfire roasts, the pork/peat smokiness is uber comforting and the sweet malts just make the pull delicious.  Sorry you had a bad experience.

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