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Forget regular old energy drinks - sustained energy is the thing now, or so those 5-Hour Energy drink commercials would have us believe.

Slap Energy is advertised as a "multi-stage energy supplement," and its manufacturers claim that an energy "sensation" builds as you drink it.

The problem is, Slap Energy doesn't provide a big energy buzz at all, let alone one that builds. That's weird, considering the can lists caffeine content for a 16-ounce serving as a whopping 2000mg. But Slap Energy doesn't contain the insanely high amounts of B vitamins most other energy drinks contain (only 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance here), so maybe that has something to do with it. The sugar content (52 grams) is about the average for 16-ounce energy drinks.
Maybe we're just jaded from consuming so many caffeinated products, but Slap Energy just didn't kick our butts. The taste isn't that great, either. The can says, "lightly carbonated," but it tastes like flat berry soda. And it's impossible for any drink containing this much sugar to be refreshing, because it just tends to make us thirstier.

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SLAP isn't meant to kick your butt but give you the energy to get things done with being wigged out and then tired like most energy drinks make me. I think it's much better balanced. My favorite is the Frost bec. I like the cooling vibe it gives...and it's smoother. It doesn't leave that heavy syrup taste that most energy drinks seem to have. I also like the Apple flavor which doesn't taste like any other energy drink I've ever had. it's like cider.

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