El Super Brings Mexican Groceries to East Phoenix

​Cruising past the corner of 32nd Street and Thomas Road, I took an unexpected detour when I spotted a new Mexican supermarket the other day.

El Super occupies the building that used to be a Home Depot Pro (3130 E. Thomas), before the housing market went kaput. I'm glad to see that something new has finally filled the void.

Sadly, though, I didn't get a gracious reception there.

I snapped a photo of a display island heaped high with plastic bags full of still-warm tortillas, and another of some radishes in the produce department. At that point, the manager came over to give me hell and force me to delete the images from my phone while he was standing there. When I told him what the images were for, he didn't care, and said the store would do its own advertising.

I wonder, was there something illegal about those warm tortillas? What are they afraid of? I've taken countless pictures at markets and restaurants, and no one has ever been confrontational like that.

In any case, I won't be back, and not even because of the incident. El Super just doesn't even compare to Phoenix Ranch Market.

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Im Hispanic and not even I like going to El super on Thomas and 32 nd they are rude! Just to make it clear not every Hispanic is like that!


They don't want you to take pictures because a rat might run over the tortillas.


Get real I think your all being ridiculous. So what if you can't take a picure of an ad or an ile in a Mexican market. Maybe you should of asked first so you wouldn't be humiliated. Good of honesty but I suggest you take it to a different store ,instead of trying to make the Mexican stores look bad.

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