76: Huevos Rancheros at Gallo Blanco Cafe

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Number 86: Huevos rancheros at Gallo Blanco Cafe

Gallo Blanco gets a lot of attention for its great tacos (small wonders, indeed), its enormous tortas, and quirky appetizers like its chicharron de queso (a golden tower of melted, browned cheese) and Mexican street corn covered in cotija.

Somehow breakfast doesn't get as much love, though, and I'm not sure why. It's served all day, and it's outstanding.

The huevos rancheros are unforgettable. Melted cheese sandwiched between two hot-off-the-griddle tortillas forms the foundation that supports two oozy fried eggs. The whole thing is smothered in spicy tomato sauce, and served with a blob of creamy refried beans on the side.

I clean the plate every time I order this.

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Gallo Blanco Cafe

401 W. Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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