Toast Takes Center Stage

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It's sad when independent shops close and leave, but not when they move next door and become something more. 

Such is the case with the old Drip, now the new Toast on 7th Street. Snuggled into a third the space of Drip, Toast has actually expanded its menu by two thirds -- you can get breakfast, lunch, baked goods and espresso.

Catherine Slye

Catherine Slye
Catherine Slye
The expanded menu includes a NYC Egg Sandwich, with choice of egg, bread, meat, cheese and veggies for $8.50. Under Toast of the Week is the Rolls Royce, among others: it transforms mere beans to royalty - baked beans, egg, and bacon on brioche. We were tempted, but, we like to keep things simple here at Chow Bella; the over-easy egg on brioche was just the ticket.

Catherine Slye
Lunch consists of a choice of four different cabatta based sandwiches - meat, cheese + veggies, and one with egg.  Open Tues - Fri, 7am - 2pm and Sat - Sun 8am - 2pm, at 2327 N. 7th Street - Phoenix. 

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