Closed for Business: Black Forest Mill

​Hungry for schnitzel? Get ready to drive for it, or else make it yourself.

German food wasn't easy to come by in the first place, but now the word around town is that the Valley's most centrally located German restaurant, Black Forest Mill, has closed, making schnitzel ever more elusive. From what I've been told, Friday was BFM's last night in business.

The restaurant got a makeover a few years back, and ended up an unlikely hipster hangout, thanks to Saturday night "Cheap Thrills" dance parties featuring local DJs. Apparently that didn't translate to enough sausage sales.

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Thank god the old manager is gone, he's a big wannbe gangster loser, shady shady shady!. and he finally went away, the food sucked, and you never got a full glass of beer,and he had a tendancy to over charge......but late oktober, it's a new place. and i'm exicited, no more night clubs .....please !!!


Under new ownership and will be reopening in mid to late October.

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