Christopher's Wine Dinner, The Yippity Yo Cooking Show and A.M. Food Porn in Today's Eater's Digest

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Tuesday April 20th Christopher's will be hosting a wine dinner featuring an assortment of wine from Spain. The night starts off with a Sangria Cocktail reception which is followed by a four course meal. Each course is paired with a specially selected wine from Spain. $55.00 per person, space is limited and reservations are required. Please call 602-522-2344 to RSVP or for more details.

Three-year-old Zaylee Jean is well on her way to being the next big Youtube sensation.

Her show, The Yippity Yo cooking show already has over 88k hits and has only been up for a little over two months. The video is 10 whole minutes of a an insanely hyper, screaming little girl. Our favorite part is at the 8th minute when she almost takes a nap. Click here to watch the video and don't miss the outtakes when eats a little too much chocolate.


We would really like to meet the person who makes this at home. We're guessing they live in a foreign country where they can walk outside their front door and catch their own octopus and chop it up for a light snack on a Tuesday. Whoever they are, we're jealous, or at least jealous of how well their pictures turn out. Check out Spanish Recipes for food porn at it's best.

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