Fry Girl Review: Burger King's Whiplash Whopper

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Hmmm, the blood of Tony Stark or the Whiplash Whopper?
Like everyone else on the planet, I can't wait for Iron Man 2. Every day that goes by without seeing Mickey Rourke cracking electro-whips, portable suitcase Iron Man suits, and Monaco sports car racing is like watching an eternity of The Back-Up Plan trailers.

What better way to ease my suffering than to bite into Burger King's Whiplash Whopper? Featuring a promotional tie-in to the movie's villain, Whiplash, the fast-food monarch is hoping for as much excitement over its new burger as an Iron Man gang-fight. Will it be as crazy-good as Mickey Rourke with an accent, bad teeth and worse hair, or as overrated as Scarlett Johansson's acting abilities?

My review after the jump.

For starters it's the Whopper, at least a version of it, and that's not a bad place to begin.

Featuring the Whopper's beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, and sesame seed bun, the Whiplash adds a spicy sauce, pepper jack cheese and fried onion bits. Overall the whole sandwich was a sloppy slew of ingredients but hey, that's par for the course on a lot of the King's grub. Want a little adventure in your movie promo-patty? The crispy fried onions should take care of that. Piled on and completely without taste, some of them are crunchy while others need Iron Man's repulsor rays to pulverize them into digestible-worthy stomach fodder. And while the pepper jack cheese sounds like a good idea, taste-wise, it doesn't make much of an impact.

Overall, the signature Whopper taste and spicy sauce make the Whiplash Whopper a filling feast of heat, but the stale fried onions and high price (over $4) make this Fry Girl want to save her dollars to see the real Whiplash and forego the Burger King version of it.

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