Man v. Food's Adam Richman Takes a Bite out of Tempe

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We knew he'd show up sooner or later.

How could Man v. Food host Adam Richman resist the chance to get his picture on the wall at Chompie's? Word is, the Travel Channel star is in town right now -- earlier today, he tweeted, "Hellllloooooo Phoenix!" -- and joined in the Tempe restaurant's Ultimate Jewish Sliders competition yesterday.

What's a Jewish slider? It's mini-sandwich on a challah roll, stuffed with brisket, potato pancake, and jack cheese. Eat a dozen of these babies -- a honkin' big five pounds of food -- in 30 minutes, and you get your name and picture on their Wall of Fame.

What other gut-busting food might Richman be eating while he's in town?

The Sasquatch burger at The Lodge seems like an obvious choice -- in fact, Richman came to mind when the Scottsdale eatery unveiled its outrageous burger-stuffed-between-two-grilled-cheeses creation last year.

Perhaps he'll try to get his own wall plaque at Durant's, the legendary CenPho steakhouse where the honor goes to anyone who can down an entire 48-ounce porterhouse steak by themselves.

And although there isn't any prize for eating one of La Tolteca's notorious three-pound burritos (you've probably seen 'em on billboards), that seems right up his alley, too.

Had any Richman sightings? Got any suggestions for him? Drop us a line!

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Ugh, I was there at Chompies that day. It was awful. All I wanted was one delicious Chompies tuna melt, but Adam Richman and his crew had the kitchen shut down for two hours. I waited forever for that thing! But god it was yummy.

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