Fast Food Fish Sandwiches in Fry Girl's Debut Column

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Look, up in the sky! Er, make that behind the wheel of that car over there.

It's neither bird nor plane, and it's certainly not that sappy-faced, beef-slinging Wendy character. No, it's Fry Girl! A new column in Phoenix New Times' print edition, where each week we'll bring you reviews of all food that is fast -- from Nogales-style bacon-wrapped hot dogs out of the back of a truck to the latest bacon-piled atrocity offered up by Carl's Jr.

This week, Fry Girl debuts with a round-up review of fast food fish sandwiches -- just in time for those of you about to toss in the Lent towel and order up a Big Mac or three.

And just who, you ask, is that mysterious woman behind the wheel, waiting impatiently at the drive-thru window?

Fry Girl is penned by none other than Chow Bella's own Laura Hahnefeld.

What?! You don't read bylines? Then perhaps you will recognize Laura from her booze-filled mornings as Day Drinker. She's also brought us some culinary delights (more like disasters) in a series called Food Lab 2010

We can't wait to see what Fry Girl pulls from the deep-fat fryer next week.

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