Crispy Peking Duck at Gourmet House of Hong Kong


​I am so spoiled.

One of my darling friends -- who occasionally goes by the alias Dining Companion -- got a serious craving for Peking duck and figured I might want to tag along. What was the occasion for this feast at Gourmet House of Hong Kong? The food itself was reason enough. Take one look at that duck and you'll understand. I'm still drooling at the memory of it.

Warm, steamy pancakes drizzled with sweet hoisin sauce, plus a pinch of green onions, complimented the rich duck meat. My favorite part was biting into the light, crispy skin. Incredibly, we housed the whole plate. The artist formerly known as Dining Companion was kind enough to share the last pieces with me. 

​Ginger and green onions perked up the sauteed white fish. What kind of fish was it, we wondered? Our waitress just repeated, "fish filet." Okay then. We ate it all anyway.

​Why choose one kind of greens when you can get them to give you the whole shebang? Gai lan, baby bok choy, and huge, plump black mushrooms were so delicious cooked up with a generous amount of garlic. If you need to eat your vegetables, this is the best possible way to do it.

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