All About the Bacon at Smeeks


​Leading up to Caramelpalooza, I stopped by Smeeks to do some shopping in the name of "research." Couldn't help but notice the kooky food-centric novelties they've started stocking, including the motherlode of bacon-themed tchotches.

Calling Heather Bauer of Bacon Unwrapped -- assuming you have a Google alert on your name -- this place is for you! Bacon lip balm, bacon wallets, gummy bacon, gummy air fresheners, and . . .


​This bacon tote was made for a breakfast outing. Or maybe a trip to the food section of the bookstore.  


​And yes, you can accessorize yourself with a bacon watch and a bacon belt.

What will they think of next? No idea, but I bet Smeeks will carry it soon enough. 

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