King Cake Gives New Meaning to "Fat" Tuesday

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Happy Fat Tuesday, Chow Bella-ites! While other Mardi Gras revelers are thinking about beads, boobs and margaritas, we know those of you who are more food-centric are wondering what kind of crazy Mardi Gras concoctions you can get for the holiday. While searching the decadent blog archives at CakeSpythis popped up. 

At the risk of sounding completely immature and girly, ohmygooodness it's a purple sparkly cake!!!

Enter the king cake, a traditional oval-shaped knotted bread dessert decorated in Mardi Gras colors (green, yellow and/or purple)​. Offered at Fat Tuesday parties, there is usually a plastic baby toy baked inside the cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby either brings the king cake next year or hosts the party. Sweet!

CakeSpy received their perfectly iced, sparkly, gorgeous king cake -- which incidentally looks much better than any of the ones we've seen online -- from Sucre, a New Orleans-based bakery. For $19 plus shipping, you can have one of these buttery babies delivered to your home.

Yours for only $19 plus shipping!

Ok, but then you have to order, pay shipping and wait for your king cake kit to arrive via UPS. Sigh. But wait.... 

There's a local alternative! Barb's Bakery at 2929 N. 24th St. in Phoenix is taking orders for king cakes. You won't get one today, but order now and in a few days you'll have a cream cheese stuffed ring of doughy goodness, complete with sparkly topping. The best part? It's only $14.95. Definitely cause for celebration -- as if you needed an excuse. 

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