Compete in the Salsa Challenge and Steal a Grilled Cheese Truck in Today's Eater's Digest.

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Think your salsa is the best of the best? Here's your chance to prove it. The 2010 My Nana's Salsa Challenge is April 24 at Tempe Beach Park and they are still looking for contestants. Go to this website for all the detail and the registration form.

Can someone please steal one of these and maybe park it outside the Phoenix New Times building say once a week? Thanks in advance. L.A. not only has the Grilled Cheese Truck but they now have a Dim Sum Truck!

When life gives you Thin Mints you---make cupcakes? It's Girl Scout Cookie time and you probably got suckered into buying way too many boxes of cookies like the rest of the world. Click here for the prettiest example of what you can do with those extra cookies.

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