Denny's Free Breakfast and Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies in Today's Eater's Digest

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An early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives.

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In the weirdest food news we've heard in a while, two men robbed a pizza delivery guy and were caught by the trail of pizza sauce and wings that led police right to them. Read the Arizona Republic's story here.

Who wants breakfast? Today is the day Denny's wants to feed you...for free. In case you missed the commercial during the Super Bowl, Denny's is handing out a free Grand Slam to everyone between the hours of 6am and 2pm.

Pizza on a stick? Pie on a stick? Yes please! Everyone should know by now that everything tastes better when you put it on a stick.

Make whoopie! These Heart Shaped Whoopie Pies are a perfect way to sweeten your Valentine's Day.

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