Behind the Bar: Laura Rose's White Trash with Money

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Sometimes you're in the mood to put on your best silk stockings, sequined minidress and Jimmy Choo heels and sip cosmos in a trendy bar with a few of your best gal pals. White Trash with Money, on the other hand, is a cocktail for the days you'd rather lounge at home, unshowered, in your boyfriend's old flannel shirt.

"There are so many PBR cocktails and beer cocktails that you would think would be kind of gross, but they're really good," says yesterday's Behind the Bar subject Laura Rose, New Times Street Team member and bartender at Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. After pouring up dozens of White Trash cocktails at Yucca's PBR blowout last year, Laura's a pro.

The bartender: Laura Rose, Communications graduate, Midwestern transplant, patio drinker and all-around good girl.

The ingredients: One can Pabst Blue Ribbon, seltzer water and a coupla shots of Chambord. This ain't no fancy schmancy fruity concoction. Screw proportions! Just slap it all in a big beer glass, wait for the head to settle down and drink 'er up.

Easy five-step instructions (in pictures!) after the jump...

Step 1: Find a great cheap beer. Anything above Miller or Bud is too classy.
Step 2: Pop open the flip-tab.
Step 3: Fill glass 2/3 full with beer. This is the white trash part.
Step 4: Spritz in a cup of seltzer water, club soda or whatever cheap filler you have on hand.
Step 5: Top off with a liberal dose of Chambord or other fruity-flavored liquor which adds purty color. Enjoy!

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