Alicia Paulson's Oatmeal Bread

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​We freely admit it -- we have a blog crush.

It's Posie Gets Cozy, penned (okay, typed, but penned sounds so much more romantic) by Alicia Paulson -- creator extraordinaire, to the point that it would get nauseating or infuriating if she wasn't so self-effacing and dear and resident, natch, of Portland, Oregon.

She knits, embroiders and recently smocks, but also cooks (we've linked to some of her recipes before), and now we are tempted to try her recipe for oatmeal bread. She solicited recipes from readers, some of which also look pretty good.

It's an alternately sunny/rainy day here in Phoenix, perfect bread-baking weather. Do you have a favorite recipe to share, before we hit Safeway?

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