Cartel's Grand Opening Party, Crack Pie and The Wafflizer in Today's Eater's Digest

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Tonight is the grand opening celebration of Cartel Coffee Lab's second shop located at 1 N. 1st Street in Downtown Phoenix. Head on down between 5 and 9 for free food, music and a raffle.

At Momofuku in New York, Christina Tosi and crew have people across the country hooked on crack pie.

At $44.00 a pie, that's a pretty pricey habit. (And no, there's not actually any cocaine in it -- though, hey, there's a trend just waiting to catch on....This stuff is just about as good for you, with lots of heavy cream, butter and brown sugar.) Can't justify spending $44.00 on a pie, you say? That's okay, here's the recipe!

Can it be made into a waffle?. That's exactly what Dan the "Wafflizer" is trying to figure out. Go check out his blog here.

Macarons are the new cupcake. Of course, we already knew that -- we have Essence Bakery -- but now NPR makes it official here.

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INOC, Flickr
Cupcake killers

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