Nine 05 Chefs Matt Carter and Jay Bogsinske Demo New Dish

Jay Bogsinske (left) and Matt Carter of downtown's Nine 05.

​This past weekend, we popped by Scottsdale's Old Town Farmers' Market to see what they're up to lately. If you haven't been there this season, Viking now sponsors a weekly chef's demo in a white tent loaded up with a teensy mini-kitchen and a couple of prep tables. This week's guests were Executive Chef/Owner Matt Carter and Chef Jay Bogsinske of Nine 05 in Phoenix. 

See what they cooked up after the jump.

Tuna plus noodles does not have to equal tuna noodle casserole. 
​The pair cooked up two savory dishes including scallops with pumpkin puree and a pan-seared tuna that's making its way to Nine 05's menu this week.

Chef Jay slices his beautifully seared tuna.

The dynamic duo showed us how to quickly and simply prepare the two dishes -- though exact measurements weren't always given, leaving a little bit of mystery. Guess we can't expect them to give away ALL of their secrets. ​

Chef Jay started by preparing the salad base, which had mandolin-sliced cucumber, cabbage, carrot and diced bell pepper in a sauce of Kewpie mayo ("After you try it, it's the only mayo you'll use," said Carter), tahini, ginger and garlic. Soba noodles would be added later. 

The trick is to sear it for forty seconds or less, says Chef Jay.

​Chef Jay dusted the tuna with Chinese seven-spice, which includes lavender, sesame, orange peel, etc. and briefly seared it in a preheated pan. "It's literally in the pan for forty seconds," Bogsinske cautioned. "You don't want it cooked any more than that. Then it's going right back into a cooler to cool it down." The tuna was sliced thin and placed atop the salad, with a ponzu-like sauce on top. Delish!

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