Local Olive Oil Festival Starts Tomorrow

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Happy Olio Nuevo, everyone! This sounds like some crazy made-up holiday along the lines of National Bacon Day (seriously, isn't that every day??) or National Tempura Day. But Olio Nuevo, aka Festival of the New Oil, is actually an annual event at Queen Creek Olive Mill which begins tomorrow, January 16.

Courtesy of Queen Creek Olive Mill

​What happens at an Olio Nuevo Festival?

Weekly through February 21, Queen Creek is offering wine tastings, product tastings and in-store specials, plus live entertainment on Saturdays.

If you're an EVOO junkie -- thanks, Rachael Ray, for overusing that fab acronym -- now's the time to hit up the olive mill. You'll be the first to sample Queen Creek's new collection of limited edition Private Press olive oils, tentatively scheduled for release next week. They're also hosting tours of the mill, if you're interested in going behind the scenes. 

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