Jamba Juice: $1 Oatmeal Wednesdays

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Jamba Juice
It's hard enough to wake up in the morning (and find a vein for the caffeine drip), let alone have time to make a healthy breakfast. For those who enjoy mouthfuls of mushy, warm cereal bright and early, or late in the day, this is your month.

Introducing Jamba Juice's $1 Oatmeal Wednesdays. Valid January only (so this Wednesday is your last chance), $1 will get you a smooth cup 'o' meal topped with fresh banana, blueberry/blackberry, cinnamon apple or berry cherry pecan.

Fear not the microwaved alternatives (sorry Quaker man), this cereal takes 40 minutes make and contain no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, and zero grams of trans fat.

Happy hump day!

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