Chris Bianco Stays Away From the Oven at His Famous Pizzeria


​A story posted on AZCentral this afternoon appears to have drastically slowed the newspaper's website (numerous attempts to log on stated that the link was broken) -- all because of two magic words:

Chris Bianco.

If you can manage to get through to the article, it details how the James Beard award-winning chef has gotten doctor's orders to stay away from the wood-fired oven at Pizzeria Bianco, as smoke and flour have exacerbated his asthma.

Indeed, there have been rumors lately that Bianco hasn't been manning the oven at his downtown pizzeria, and on recent visits to his sandwich shop, Pane Bianco, he's been absent as well.

Considering that the man is a legendary workaholic who puts his personal touch on practically everything he feeds to his customers, it's noticeable when he's not around.

Bianco is reportedly managing operations and making front of the house appearances while his longtime employee Horacio Hernandez takes up oven duty and his brother Marco Bianco makes the dough.

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Sanfilippo Kathryn
Sanfilippo Kathryn

I know that Marco speaks with thousands of people everyday, my name is Kathryn E. Harbour Sanfilippo.  I frequent the eatery on Central a few times a week, he told me to find him on facebook.  I can see you have changed this and updated your page.  I can't find his button for leaving him a message. Please give him our e-mail sanfilippo.anthony Phone number 602-430-3259. Thank you Mrs. Kathryn E. Harbour Sanfilippo

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