Z Tejas Unveils Winter Menu

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Jonathan McNamara
Citrus Flank Steak. There is spinach in there...somewhere.
We walked in to Z Tejas expecting a Winter menu full of heavy, comfort foods. Stuffing your face with carb and fat-laden dishes is why we celebrate the holidays, right? What we found instead were dishes that provide that satisfying sense of holiday comfort with a fresh edge more akin to the Summer months.

Take the Citrus Flank Steak for example. Fork in hand, we dove right in to this plate of goodness and really appreciated the lightly sauteed spinach, walnuts and tomato slivers that came with our meat and mashed potatoes. Other dishes like the Crab Cake salad follow suit, matching hearty meals with fresh greens. For lunch there's even an Avocado Turkey Burger which at least suggests healthiness assuming you don't slather it in too much chipotle aioli sauce.

Jonathan McNamara
Chile Bread Pudding
Dessert was another matter entirely. There's only one sweet spot on the Winter menu, but it's a doozy. The Chile Bread Pudding is packed with raisins and roasted Anaheim peppers topped with rum and whipped cream. Eating this spicy confection was much like munching down on chicken and waffles; the combination of sweetness and spice is a taste explosion.

Check out PDFs of Z Tejas' Winter lunch menu, dinner menu, and dessert menu.

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