New Chef, New Tastes at Chelsea's Kitchen

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​It had been quite a while since I'd been to Chelsea's Kitchen, and ages since I'd heard anyone talk about it. But I stopped by recently when I'd heard good things about new executive chef Bruce Kalman, who's keeping some menu faves for the regulars but playing around with daily specials and working on a menu revamp. Kalman whipped up a scrumptious tasting menu for a friend on a night I just happened to tag along (anonymously).

These tacos were a hit -- seared ahi with pomegranate, and steak with chimichurri and pickled vegetables from Singh Farms. The homemade tortillas took them to another level.


​A lovely salad started things off -- Singh Farms microgreens, heirloom tomatoes, handmade mozzarella, and ultra-creamy goat cheese. The kicker? Fresh green peppercorns, which softly popped when I bit into them.

The soup was potato and caramelized fennel with creme fraiche, marjoram, and smoked sea salt. Like velvet.

​Perfectly seared scallops were nestled on a bed of black-eyed peas with brussels sprouts and olives.

​A heap of fragrant roasted porchetta was teamed with to-die-for black truffle risotto.

​Wonderfully tender short rib, topped with a fried egg, came with mashed potatoes and butter-braised vegetables.

​I loved the simple apple tart for dessert, especially with globs of fresh whipped cream.

​The place was mobbed, and I'm sure that's not about to change any time soon -- I know I'll be back for more of Kalman's food.

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bespoke kitchens
bespoke kitchens

​A charming greens began factors off Singh Plants microgreens, treasure garlic, hand crafted mozzarella, and ultra-creamy goat dairy products. The kicker? Clean natural peppercorns, which gently jumped when I bit into them.

bespoke kitchens
bespoke kitchens

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