Lisa Starry, What Are You Eating?

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​Lisa Starry
The choreographer/director for Scorpius Dance Theatre has a show called Catwalk in April at Phoenix Theatre.

What'd you eat for dinner last night? Homemade burger, no bread and lots of veggies

Favorite food: Pizza

Least favorite food: Sushi

Favorite dessert: Sara Lee's cherry cheesecake

Favorite local restaurant and meal to order there: Postino, bruschetta

Favorite local bar and cocktail to order there: I don't drink alcohol. I know, weird, but my favorite drink is Diet Pepsi.

Favorite thing to cook at home: Spaghetti

Favorite memory involving food: It was in college, at California Institute of the Arts. My friends and I were totally broke and gathered enough money to buy some pasta, sauce, meat, garlic and bread. I remember us being so hungry and excited because all we had been eating was Top Ramen! It was the best meal we ever had.

Recipe or food tip to share:

Fruit dip, best with strawberries
1 cup of sour cream
Brown sugar to taste
Add some brown sugar until it is sweet enough, mix well and serve with cold strawberries.

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