Kooky Food-Themed Toys at Red Hot Robot

The fact that Christmas is right around the corner and it's gift-giving season is certainly a good excuse to visit Red Hot Robot, but seriously, wouldn't you want to buy these crazy toys for yourself? I dropped by a few days ago and found myself giggling at every turn, from happy, plush donuts to ornery cracked eggs smoking cigarettes. 

​Mongers come in mystery boxes, so you don't know what you get until you buy it and open it up. I'd like a mean-looking apple or carrot.

​Meanwhile, these breakfast-themed keychain toys were just so damn lovable. Hard to resist the cuteness. I want the happy waffle.

​Pecan Pals were nutty little wooden figures.

​Bacon looks, um, fried, while candy corn looks like he's on meds.

​And you can't forget the toast, or else these little dudes might cry.



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