Guess That Gadget

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How well do you know your favorite cookhouse contraptions? Can you tell a melon baller from a cookie scoop? See if you can guess today's gadget and check back next week for the answer.

Here are a few of our guesses. Feel free to add yours below:

- "How Would You Like to die?" shank with four kill settings
- Triangle Press with TV Remote
- Touch-N-Play Toddler Trowel

See last week's answer after the jump.

Last Week's Answer: Fruit Bowl With Built-In Refrigerator

Thumbnail image for fruitfreezebowl2.jpg
Do you enjoy cold fruit but hate the thought of disturbing your refrigerated earthworm collection? The Fruit Bowl With Built-In Refrigerator keeps fruits chilled right on your countertop, so you can have that apple when you want it, not when lumbricus terrestris is finished secreting its egg case.

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