12 East Cafe for Under $10

It's no wonder greasy spoon diners are often packed--the fat-filled food's addicting, and the prices are often dirt cheap. 12 East Cafe in downtown Phoenix is no exception.

The small spot has a mom-and-pop feel, serving up breakfast goodies, sandwiches, salads and wings. The food comes in huge portions, and nothing costs more than $8.95. We ordered breakfast for lunch (such an indulgence!) with French toast and hash browns ($6.99). The plate was bigger than our head, and it definitely left us feeling stuffed.



Our pals got Philly Cheesesteaks ($7.95 each), which they said are some of the best around. They come with sides (they got fries) and will really fill you up.


The prices are cheap in general, but 12 East Cafe offers you another way to save green--for every five meals you buy, the sixth is free. Talk about a cheap way to score a whole lotta food.


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