Thomas Keller Comes to Kierland

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sloane burwell
Cookbook fans and foodies alike crowded Sur La Table at Kierland Commons Wednesday afternoon as more than 200 people waited in line to meet award winning chef Thomas Keller, who was on hand to sign his new cookbook, Ad Hoc At Home. Keller is famous for his meticulous attention to detail at Napa Valley's The French Laundry and Per Se, situated in Manhattan's luxurious Time Warner Center. Ad Hoc At Home honors both his famous takeout restaurant, and the simple pleasures of relaxed meals, meant to be shared around a table with family.

sloane burwell

A few lucky early arrivals were able to sample some of Keller's treats, like a version of his chocolate brownie (page 303) shaped like a shot glass.

When asked about his trips to Phoenix and Scottsdale, Keller said he was disappointed that he wasn't able to spend more time in town on his visits, but added that when he's here longer, he likes to "see Chris Bianco and eat his restaurant, and hopefully see [905 chef] Matt Carter, who used to work for me."


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