Macayo's Depot Cantina Tequila Tasting in Tempe Quite Tasty

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Many of us have experienced the good the bad and the ugly while trekking through Margaritaville, a journey that can leave the even most adventurous a little fuzzy about the merits of tequila. Last night, we decided to take a more adult approach to the agave-based spirit and attended a guided tequila tour at Macayo's Depot Cantina in Tempe.

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Served neat, lime and salt for novices only.
​The tequila tasting, pairing five courses with three tequila tastes, was hosted by Tequila Cazadores Ambassador Diana Jimenez. Like a wine tasting, Jimenez introduced each of the selections, describing the taste, color and aging process.  Jimenez hails from the region of Mexico where tequila is produced which made her the ideal diplomat for this mission. She explained that in Mexico tequila is most often served alone, without lime or salt and is usually sipped slowly. She went on to describe each of the tequila varieties, Blanco, Resosado, and Anejo, using words like citrus, dark chocolate and a slow long kiss.

The five course meal included tortilla soup, salad, soft tacos, a spicy steak, and the star of the show, a peanut butter filled chimichanga desert. Mexican fare, but with a twist on the usual Macayo's menu and well suited for each of the tequila varieties.

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Maybe it was the tequila talking or possibly a sugar buzz, but we're pretty sure we came away with a new appreciation for the subtleties of this spirit from south of the border.  Macayo's Depot Cantina is planning to continue hosting tequila tastings and has a Jack Daniel's event planned for December.  Check their website or call the restaurant at 480-966-6677 for details on future events.

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