Lamb Curry and Naan at The Dhaba in Tempe

Categories: Chow Bella

​I followed my stomach to Tempe for some chaat -- crunchy, spicy-sweet Indian snacks -- at The Dhaba. But as it turned out, there was a limited lunch menu that didn't include them.

No worries, though. Lamb curry sounded really appealing, and better yet, for $11, it was a full meal, with soup, bread, lentils, raita, the works. It was a little bit spicy, full of flavor, and the meat was so tender I could cut it with my fork.

​To start, there was an iceberg salad embellished with pomegranate seeds, corn, cucumber, chunks of mango and tomato, and a sprinkle of little crunchies. On the side, there was a tasty vegetarian curry soup filled with corn, cauliflower, carrot, onion, and plumped white raisins. I didn't realize I was in for such a feast, but I was glad I came hungry.

​What, this huge piece of naan is all for me? Yep.

​To drink, I couldn't resist the fresh coconut water, served in its hacked-open shell. Once upon a time, I would go to Fate to order a coconut, but haven't seen it on local menus in quite a while. It's really refreshing -- a little bit sweet, with fresh coconut meat that you can scrape out from the inside with your straw. Worth the effort.


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