It's Not Too Late for Ballpark Eats

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ballpark brat.jpg
​I'll be the first to admit that my interest in baseball has everything to do with the beer and the ballpark food -- hot dogs, bratwursts, fries, you name it. This is the kind of food I should've been eating all summer, but for some reason I didn't make it to any D-Backs games this year.  
But I still got my bratwurst fix this past weekend, when one of my friends scored a bunch of tickets to an Arizona Fall League game. A group of us took a trek out to the westside, to Camelback Ranch in Glendale -- during Spring Training, this is the home of the Dodgers and the White Sox. The food options were pretty limited, but a bratwurst, soft pretzel, and Bud did the trick. Three of us girls shivered under a blanket, inhaled our food, and enjoyed a really good view.

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