Frittata at Cheuvront's Brunch

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​About a month ago, Cheuvront's announced it was starting up weekend brunch service again, so I stopped by to check it out. 

Incredibly, there still aren't that many amazing options for brunch in CenPho, so I'm always on the lookout. This place offers it from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can't say I was terribly impressed, although I'd give it another shot because I don't live far away.

The bloody mary was weak, and the frittata was just basic -- tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, and feta. I'd compare it to something you'd get at a business hotel.

Honestly, the best think about brunch was the setting -- there's a nice patio out front, overlooking Central Avenue. Occasionally the light rail rumbles by, but otherwise, it's surprisingly peaceful. As an added bonus, I enjoyed a nice random chat with my colleague Sarah Fenske, who was out walking her adorable dog (she wrote about him in a recent column). It's the second time in the past few months that this has happened, so I have to love Cheuvront's just for that.

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