Coronado Cafe Under New Ownership

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Flight attendants-turned-restaurateurs Robert McCarville, Tom Vigil, and Randy Betnar sold Coronado Cafe two weeks ago, and the new owners of the charming eatery, tucked into an historic 1915 bungalow on 7th Street, have a few changes in store.

Co-owner Diane Stackwick has lived in Arizona for a decade, but she hails from Baltimore, and owned a successful Maryland restaurant for several years. Her son and his wife are also co-owners; Christian Holt is the new chef and Misti Jones brings her wine and spirits background to the operation.

They'll be keeping the cafe's bustling lunch business, but will be expanding the dinner hours. Look for Holt's updated menu of New American cuisine that includes more seafood dishes (his forte), such as Maryland crabcakes, sea bass, and halibut.

For longtime Coronado Cafe fans, there's no reason to panic. Stackwick has been soliciting feedback from customers and isn't making any drastic changes.

"The meatloaf is staying," she adds.

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called for a birthday res & my absolute favorite crab cake of all time only to find out

u were closed. It is imperative to my well being as an older person that resists change

that u continue this recipe.I travel from north scottsdale frequently for my fix.

Please give my request considerable attention.Very sincerely, Miss Ellen

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