Tempe Farmer's Market In Photos

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Jonathan McNamara
Angie Dutton, Art Wong, and Diana Perrone, staff members at Tempe Farmer's Market
​It seems that Tempe is hopping these days. First we announced a new bar, then a new burger joint and now a brand-new, daily farmer's market. We poked our noses in and checked the market out. What did we find? A lot of organic produce, fresh-baked bread, hummus, fresh sandwiches and a coin-operated horse. 

Check out the market in the photos below.

Tempe Farmer's Market is open every day including weekends at the corner of University and Farmer. 

Jonathan McNamara
Our love of onions has many layers.

Jonathan McNamara
Tabouli, sandwiches, cream cheese, hummus, packaged fruit and more.

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