Recipe: Tuna Sashimi Carpaccio with Sesame Soy and Garlic Chips from Sushi Roku

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Heather Hoch
The tuna sashimi carpaccio is one blue fin above the others.
Sushi chef Shin Toyoda likes to keep his dishes simple at Sushi Roku, letting the super-fresh, high-quality ingredients speak for themselves. However, he does admit there are a lot of other sushi restaurants near Old Town Scottsdale that he has to compete with.

One thing that sets Toyoda's sushi bar apart from all the other sushi joints is their variety of four different kinds of tuna. For the Tuna Sashimi Carpaccio, Toyoda uses blue fin tuna that's so fresh you could swear it was just swimming.
Heather Hoch
The Fish: 3 ounces of blue fin tuna, sliced into 10 paper-thin pieces

Arrange the tuna in the center of the plate.

The Dressing:    
6 cups of soy sauce
3 cups of rice vinegar
3 cups of sesame oil
1 cup of cooking sake
1 tube of karashi mustard

Combine all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Drizzle the dressing over the tuna, completely covering the fish. This recipe yields more than enough for the single serving, so refrigerate it and use it again!
Heather Hoch

The Garnish:

0.2 ounces of daikon radish, julienned
0.1 ounces of onion sprouts
1 tsp. of chopped chives
1 tsp. of crushed garlic chips, garlic must be crunchy
1 tsp. of olive oil

Combine the radishes, sprouts, and oil in a bowl and toss together. Then, place the radish mix on top of the tuna. Finally, sprinkle the garlic and chives on top of the tuna.

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Cucee Sprouts
Cucee Sprouts

I really like this recipe. I bookmarked it for the sushi party that I am hosting. I have found this recipe to be exceptional (if you would like to try it) yourself. Blue Cheese and White Miso Puree

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