Oysters and Bloody Marys at Casey Moore's

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Yesterday was perhaps the longest -- and most ridiculously fun -- brunch of my life. Some friends invited me to meet up for a bite at Casey Moore's in Tempe, and somehow we killed 5 or 6 hours on the patio, laughing it up and entertaining our waitress with our increasingly hilarious conversations.

bloody mary.jpg

This was only round one of the spicy bloody marys we'd been craving.

oysters rockefeller.jpg
Oysters Rockefeller were supposed to take awhile, but we were glad we got our order in early. By the time these warm, buttery babies hit the table, we were ravenous.

caseys patio.jpg
The weather was perfect, the patio was glorious.
Good thing I snapped a photo when I did, because the raw oysters disappeared in minutes! Soon we were all giddy on protein.

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