Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club brings Julia Childs-inspired cuisine to moviegoers

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We can't help but get hungry whenever superstar chef Julia Childs is mentioned, so why not eat her food while watching a movie about her? Now you can at Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club in Scottsdale, where moviegoers may chow down on Childs-inspired cuisine while watching Julie & Julia. The film stars Meryl Streep as Childs and features her oh-so-delicious recipes, all of which Julie (Amy Adams) strives to cook within a year.


The upscale movie theater also has a full menu, and French specials are available for the next month while the movie plays.

Nosh on fancy dishes such as bouef bourguignon (Childs' recipe), French onion soup and baked brie a l'orange, and wash it all down with a French wine. Items range from $5.95-$16.95 and vary daily.

Owner Wendy Farrelli says the promotion has been a huge success so far and is great for people looking for something beyond the typical popcorn-and-candy movie night.

"It's so fun to be eating and drinking French things while you're watching this movie about this wonderful woman and French food," Farrelli says. "I think it's a really fun, interactive experience you don't get all that often if you go just to a restaurant or just to a movie."

The French menu is available to audience members of any movie when Julie & Julia is playing. For more information on showtimes, log on to www.farrellis.com.

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